If you would like a presentation by Per Wimmer about his space project and its fundamental values, please contact us at or on tel. (+44) 77 88 75 76 77 

All presentations depart from Per Wimmer’s upcoming voyage to space and will include video clips from training preparations (incl. weightlessness training, fighter jet flying, centrifuge training, SpaceShipOne launch, etc.), chronology of the project development from idea to reality, pre-launch preparations, the challenges and resistance along the way, reactions from family, friends and colleagues, etc. One popular presentation is "The Ultimate Adventure: Going to Space and Making Dreams Reality:

" We all have our ideas, visions and dreams which we would like to see happen. Unfortunately for many, these remain thoughts and do not become realities. How does one proceed from "the great idea" to concretely executing on a large project? - Part of the answer is to follow your heart and be focused. This presentation explores how Per Wimmer made his long standing dream about space and desire for adventure become a reality. The presentation addresses elements of global teamwork, leadership, technology, a pioneering spirit and, above all, a good story about an entrepreneurial adventurer. The presentation will include video footage from space training, including weightless flights, centrifuge training and flying Russian MIG-25 fighter jets. Having visited close to fifty countries on Earth, incl. some of the most remote places on Earth (visited the Amazone Indians; walked the live vulcanos of Hawaii; trekked the Inka trail to Macchu Pichu; visited the Easter Islands, been riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle coast-to-coast and back in the USA; hangliding over the beaches of Rio de Janero - the ultimate adventure remains: Going to space. Join the ride and let Per take you to unchartered new heights....... "



Client References & Presentation Feedback

" I would really like to thank you for your inspiring presentation to 400 Sony colleagues at the Professional Solutions Europe Annual sales kick off event in Barcelona, your speech was excellent, it tied in really well with our 2010 business goals, the presentation information was given in such a way that really generated a different way of thinking amongst the team and gave a real insight into how all business values tie in, whatever your goals  – it certainly encouraged a fresh way to look at our business for now and the continued journey ahead… we wish you every success for the future and will definitely be keeping track of your success "

“ Inspiring, amazing, simply wooooow……!!!.Thank you ”


" It was a really interesting discussion and we could have continued discussing all night long with the group. There are so many questions one could imagine when one starts thinking about spaceships. Cool stuff - good luck."

"You are a good speaker;" "Inspiring and fun;" "An enlightening discussion."
(...the presentation has given me...) ..."new methods to inspire employees."
"Very inspirational "


" Very exciting;" "Seven fundamental values/key messages were excellent;"
"Lots a new information and very good interaction with the audiance."
"Especially weightlessness was fantastic."

Many more client references available upon request.