Events in 2013

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BBC World TV

Wimmer becomes a regular commentator on BBC World TV

The Royal Aeronautical Society Awards

The Royal Aeronautical Society Awards Per Wimmer Companion Status Membership for Services to the Space and Aviation Industry

SXC 2 years

SXC Celebrates 2 years of operations.

Charity Polo Day

Charity Polo Day For The Eve Branson Foundation in Marrakech, Morocco.

Educational program ‘Mission X’

WimmerSpace assisting UK government educational program ‘Mission X’ to inspire students’ interest in space and science.

Supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Supporting the Elton John AIDS Foundation at Elton and David’s home in Windsor, UK, with VIP concert by Coldplay & Elton John.

Men’s Semifinals at Wimbledon

Men’s Semifinals at Wimbledon including Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray and supporting The Novak Djokovic Foundation

Virgin Galactic visit

Virgin Galactic visit to the rocketship production facilities in Mojave, California, and astronaut party in Los Angeles.

Visit to XCOR Aerospace

Visit to XCOR Aerospace for progress update on rocket engines.

Formal dinner at Highclere Castle

Formal dinner at Highclere Castle, home of TV-series Downton Abbey, for Virgin Galactic/Virgin Unite fundraiser