Tandem sky dive above Mount Everest

Start DateMonday, October 6, 2008 1:00 AM

Per Wimmer, together with Ralph Mitchell, makes world history by becoming the first humans tandem sky dive above the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. On Oct 6, 2008, the Pilatus Porter airplane flew the two up to an altitude of 29.500 feet (approx 9 Km) - just above the highest peak in the world - Mount Everest (29.035 feet or approx 8.8 KM). The outside temperature was minus 50 degress C (incl. the wind chill factor) and the free fall lasted for one minute at an average speed of 200 Km/h with full oxygen breathing equipment and Per and Ralph landed safely at 12.350 feet (approx 4 KM) altitude at the Drop Zone, close to Mount Everest.