Wimmer Space Vision And Values

  • To get Per Wimmer through extreme adventures, including to space and back safely and, ultimately, to place the Danish flag, the "Dannebrog," on the Moon and
  • in the process to inspire today’s children to live out their dreams – whatever their dreams might be - and to encourage their interest in space and science. Wimmer Space works with UNICEF, Hospice Foundation, Ideas Foundation, ShareSpace, Global Angels and other great charities to achieve that goal.

        The Seven Wimmer Values:

          1. Think out of the box: Allow Yourself To Be inspired.
          2. Follow your heart and passion: Have purpose. Have fun. Be Authentic.
          3. Focus and execution
          4. Time discipline: Be Conscious About Time Allocation.
          5. Teamwork: The Sum Of The Parts Is Greater Than The Individual Parts Alone. 
          6. Take calculated risks: Assess The Risks-Rewards Ratio. Apply Sustainable Solutions Respecting The Environment & Scarce Resources
          7. Inspire others: Especially Children, And Encourage Them To Live Out Their Dreams

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          Wimmer Makes World History With The First Ever Tandem Sky Dive Over Mount Everest

          Per Wimmer, together with Ralph Mitchell, became the first two persons to successfully complete a tandem sky dive over Mount Everest on Oct 6, 2008.

          A film crew has followed the First Ever Everest Sky Dive Expedition and has documented the whole adventure day by day.

          Read Wimmer´s Blog from the Mount Everest Sky Dive Expedition here