RocketShip Tours to Sell Rides to Edge of Space Aboard XCOR's Lynx

RocketShip Tours Founder Jules Klar says $95,000 price is Proof that
Competition is Lowering the Cost of Space Access

MOJAVE, Calif., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A travel entrepreneur who
introduced hundreds of thousands of Americans to European travel in the
1960's has taken luxury travel to new heights - the edge of space.

Jules Klar, founder of Phoenix, AZ-based RocketShip Tours, has
announced that his company will immediately begin selling rides to the edge
of space for $95,000 per flight. Participants will fly aboard the Lynx, a
two-seat suborbital vehicle being built by California-based XCOR Aerospace.

"Years ago, my dream was to introduce the world to new travel
opportunities at prices that were consistent with a unique experience,"
said Klar. "In 1961 I created $5-A-Day Tours in partnership with Arthur
Frommer that enabled thousands of Americans to see Europe at affordable
prices." After moving to Arizona, Klar created Great American Travel, a
high-end boutique operation specializing in luxury cruises and tours.
"We've helped thousands of sophisticated adventurous travelers visit exotic
destinations all over the world including Antarctica, where they developed
a deeper appreciation for its beautiful, pristine and fragile environment.
Today, I am very proud to announce this partnership with XCOR Aerospace to
offer participants an out of this world experience - a front row seat to
the edge of Space."

"The natural evolution of human exploration knows no bounds. RocketShip
Tours and XCOR have come together to usher in the private sector's role in
space exploration. There is no doubt that a new era of pioneering space
enthusiasts is emerging. In fact, prior to signing this agreement with
RocketShip Tours, XCOR had already taken paid reservations for
approximately 20 flights," said Klar.

XCOR Chief Test Pilot and three-time Space Shuttle Pilot and Commander,
Rick Searfoss said the Lynx will carry people or payloads to the edges of
space up to four times a day. Seated next to him in the co-pilot seat,
participants will undoubtedly experience the thrill of a lifetime. The awe-
inspiring view of the curvature of Earth, the thin blue mantle of the
atmosphere below, and inky blackness of space above will provide
participants with unforgettable memories beyond description.

XCOR officials discussed the technology used on the two-seat, fully
reusable launch vehicle that takes off like an airplane, and lands the same
way, while Chris Gilman of Orbital Outfitters, a NASA spacesuit contractor,
demonstrated the spacesuit technology that will be worn by those flying in
the Lynx. Gilman, winner of an Academy Award for special effects, said the
suit is both lighter and safer than older NASA spacesuits.

Klar said he was inspired by the revolutionary Lynx suborbital vehicle
because it offers participants a unique and intimately personal experience.
"You're sitting in a cockpit in the co-pilot's seat beside your astronaut
pilot, with a panoramic view of the stars above and Earth below. It is the
ride of your life!"

"I am going to fly aboard the Lynx because I want to experience space
from a front row seat," said Danish investment banker Per Wimmer, who will
take the first commercial flight aboard the Lynx. Wimmer, based in London,
has already earned a reputation as a pioneering adventurer. He recently
made the first tandem skydive over Mt. Everest, and maintains a website, Wimmer, who uses his adventures to promote various
charities, says, "My goal is to place the Dannebrog, the Danish flag, on
the Moon one day. Flying to the edge of space aboard the Lynx will make me
the first Dane to experience suborbital space flight and takes me one step
closer to my ultimate goal."

Klar said his company is enlisting innovative and progressive travel
professionals to sell seats on the Lynx. "Those who are interested in a
suborbital space flight can visit our website,, and
choose a Space Tourism Specialist who is trained and certified by
RocketShip Tours."

The total cost of the Lynx flight experience is $95,000. A deposit of
$20,000 begins the process of assigning the participant to the
qualification program. Klar said one does not have to be an athlete to fly
aboard the Lynx, but the procedure will include a medical questionnaire and
a screening performed by qualified aeronautic physicians. Instruction
regarding life support systems, flight physiology, and other aspects of the
Lynx suborbital flight will also be provided. "We want to ensure the
experience is as safe as possible and that people are adequately trained
and prepared."

"Since this is a suborbital launch, training will require
familiarization with the spacesuit and what will be experienced while
sitting in the cockpit." Klar said. "We will provide deluxe accommodations
for all those who share in 'The Right Stuff' experience we offer and become
part of this historic stage in the evolution of human space flight."

"After the flight is concluded, participants will receive an HD DVD
recording of their flight experience as well as other mementos," Klar said.

XCOR COO Andrew Nelson noted that RocketShip Tours' announcement marks
an important milestone in space exploration efforts. "American
entrepreneurs are succeeding - we are bringing down the cost of space
flight and making it affordable," said Nelson. "What is most astonishing is
that competition has already reduced prices before a single vehicle has
flown. What a fabulous holiday gift this is going to make for many people
who thought they had everything."

"I've had a long career in travel, and I have found that we are not
offering a destination, so much as we are offering an experience that
appeals to the pioneering spirit inside all of us," said Klar. "This type
of adventure is truly transcendent because it widens our horizons, and
teaches us not only about the world we live in, but something about
ourselves as well. I believe that the view from space aboard the Lynx will
undoubtedly be positively life-changing in ways we can only dream of."

RocketShip Tours, Inc. is the General Sales Agent for XCOR Aerospace
and exclusive global provider of participant services for the Lynx
suborbital vehicle. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, RocketShip Tours was
founded by Jules H. Klar, an innovative travel entrepreneur.

XCOR Aerospace is a California corporation located in Mojave,
California. The company is in the business of developing and producing
safe, reliable and reusable rocket-powered vehicles and propulsion systems
that enable affordable access to space.