Wimmer Space: Vision And Values.


Per Wimmer's story is a story about Making Dreams Reality. Not just for Per but to inspire lots of young people to live out their dreams. Turning into reality what appears to be a far-fetched dream and vision which few people consider achievable into reality. Per is scheduled to become the first private Dane in space and currently holds three space flight reservations (Virgin Galactic, XCOR, SpaceAdventures). Meanwhile, Per has participated in space-related training, such as Zero-G flying, fighter jet flying and centrifuge training.

 The activities of Wimmer Space include:

  • Flying into space
  • Space training and other preparations for space (Zero-G, fighter jets, centrifuge training)
  • The World’s First Everest Tandem Sky Dive
  • Adventures on Earth (Travelled to 70 countries, lived with the Amazon Indians, Skiing at 5000 meters, diving with sharks in Fiji without cage, Titanic attempt, etc)
  • Motivational speaking for schools and corporates
  • TV documentaries,
  • Charity work with a focus on inspiring young people to live out their dreams and sharing the Wimmer Seven Fundamental Values,
  • Investments and advice in space-related businesses and
  • Publishing: Writing and publishing books, including ‘Wall Street,’ ‘The Green Bubble,’ and Per’s autobiography and other book contributions (see under “Shop”)